Tan Labs Now In Stock!

Tan Labs Now In Stock!

Tropic Touch is excited to announce the launch of Tan Labs Tanning Creams, with advanced formulas and cutting-edge technology, Tan Labs offers a range of indoor and outdoor tanning products.

Tan Labs Sunbed Creams are formulated with carefully chosen ingredients that are designed to enhance your tanning session. With a focus on caring for your skin, its protection, and accelerating the tanning process, these creams are a game-changer for anyone looking to achieve a beautiful, even tan.

Experience the difference with Tan Labs and elevate your tanning routine and achieve a radiant, sun-kissed glow like never before. Say hello to beautifully bronzed skin with Tan Labs!

  • Billionaire Bronze Ultra Accelerator
  • Shea Black XXX Accelerator
  • Black Coconut Extreme Tanning Cream
  • Banana Blackout Ultra Dark Tanning Cream
  • Cherry Eclipse Ultra Dark Tanning Cream
  • Island Gal Extreme Accelerator
  • Strawberry Sun-Dae Extreme Accelerator
  • Lifes a Peach Extreme Accelerator
  • Hot Pineapple Extreme Tanning Cream
  • French Vanilla Extreme Accelerator
  • View the full Tan Labs range here



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