Who We Are

We are a brand new fun and friendly tanning salon in Walsall Town Centre, our aim to deliver high quality results at affordable prices.

We offer Stand Up & Lie Down Sunbeds as well as a Leg Tanner.

We are proud members of the Sunbed Association.

Our highly trained staff will be on hand to give you a free tanning consultation and advise you on tanning accelerators so you can be sure to get the very best out of your tanning sessions.

  • Stand Up

    Stand Up tanning units can give your skin a deeper colour and can help with a more even tan due to the way UV rays are distributed in a 360 degree fashion.

  • Lie Down

    Lie Down Sunbeds boast an array of features to tailor tanning sessions to your needs and goals.

    We use Ergoline Lie down beds in our salon.

  • Leg Tanner

    The Leg Tanner was created to address the needs of customers who want to even the tanning of their legs to match the colour of their mid-section and face. It features wrap around technology to tan between the legs as well as around the outside.

  • Products

    We stock a large range of tanning accelerator, bronzer and tingle lotions for you to build your tan quicker.
    Available in sachets & bottles.

    Tanning lotions are recommended as your only achieving around 30% of your potential tan without them.

    Purchase a bottle and leave it with us, so you don't have to worry about forgetting it for your next visit.

  • Offers

    See in store for the latest offers on courses & tanning products!

    We offer discounts to NHS, Police & Fire Services, Blue Light Card & the Defence Discount Service.

    Also you can use any beds with our courses as standard.

  • Socials

    Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok for the latest updates!

    Refer a Friend, if they buy a course, you get 9 minutes Free added to your account.

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  • PAYG Minutes

    3 Minutes - £3
    6 Minutes - £5
    9 Minutes - £7
    12 Minutes - £9
    15 Minutes - £11
    18 Minutes - £13

  • Courses

    30 Minutes - £20
    45 Minutes - £30
    60 Minutes - £40
    90 Minutes - £50
    120 Minutes - £60

  • Course Special Offers

    60 Minutes - £25
    90 Minutes - £35
    1 Month Unlimited - £45

  • NHS, Police, Fire & Blue Light Discounts

    60 Minutes - £20
    1 Month Unlimited - £40

  • The Sunbed Association

    Tropic Touch Limited is a proud member of The Sunbed Association and promotes responsible tanning.

  • Power Tan

    Tropic Touch Limited is an official Power Tan Stockist & Reseller, authorised to sell in salon, online & on TikTok shop.

  • Over 18 Only

    You must be OVER 18 to use a sunbed!

    If your lucky enough to look under 21, we will ask for proof of age in store before we allow you to use our tanners.

    This would need to be a photo ID in the form of a passport, driving license or official photo ID card.

  • Responsible Tanning

    We take responsible tanning very seriously.

    All clients will be offered a free tanning consultation prior to their first time with us, this allows us to review the clients skin type and recommend the best tanning options.

    See in store or click here for our full responsible tanning disclaimer.

Best of Walsall

  • Gold Standard Award

    We are proud to have achieved The Best of Walsall 2023 Gold Standard Award for Continued Outstanding Customer Feedback!