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Power Tan

Power Tan Ultima Quad Hybrid Phoenix 24HR Extreme Tingle

Power Tan Ultima Quad Hybrid Phoenix 24HR Extreme Tingle

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24HR Extreme Tingle

For those that like it hot! The hottest and darkest of them all! This new Quad Hybrid 24HR Extreme tingle is one of our most powerful and advanced tanning formulations to date. A catalyst enhanced tingle complex drives melanin to the skin. Its Quad 4-Active tanning complex delivers spectacularly dark, long lasting, tanning results and helps to repair and rejuvenate your skins natural micro-biome.

24HR Algotan – Mimics the effect of natural sunlight and keeps on tanning you without the need for UV light.
Advanced Tingle Complex – Helps drives melanin to the skin for break-through tanning results!
Active Skin Prebiotic – Promotes a healthy skin microbiome that lets your skins natural radiance bloom, while. free radical anti-aging ingredients, prevent skin dryness and help alleviate any underlying skin conditions.
Active Vitamin D – Maximises direct Vitamin D absorption and promotes a rejuvenated complexion for clearer brighter skin.
Active Beta Karotene – Helps prolong your tan and boosts Melanin production for darker results.

Fragrance: Fresh Peach

Use: Sunbed use only
Level: Advanced tanners
Warning: Does not contain SPF’s

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