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Supre Tan

Supre Tan Go GRRL!

Supre Tan Go GRRL!

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Inspiring Dark Tanning Intensifier

Nothing gives your confidence a boost like being tanned to the nines and feeling like a ten with Go Grrl! ™ Inspiring Dark Tanning Intensifier. Take on fine lines and wrinkles with an Antioxidant packed blend of Citrus Extracts, while Rosewater and Eucalyptus help to reduce redness and support hydrated and glowing skin. Shine on Grrl, turn those cants into cans and your dreams into plans!

  • Dark Tanning Complex with Tyrosine enhances your tan for darker longer lasting colour.
  • Rose Water & Eucalyptus help to reduce redness to improve colour and provide the ultimate in skin conditioning.
  • Vitamin rich Citrus Extracts with antioxidants aid in protecting the skin from free radical damage and stimulate collagen production.
  • Essential Minerals and Caffeine moisturise and renew skin reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, giving you a more youthful glow.

Additional features: Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Skin Softening, Vitamins A, C, & E, Paraben Free, Odor Shield Technology

Fragrance: Dream Weaver with notes of Dreamwood, Milk Musk and Patchouli

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