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Supre Tan

Supre Tan Strawberry Hibiscus Sweet Tea

Supre Tan Strawberry Hibiscus Sweet Tea

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Deliciously Dark Maximizer

Nothing says summer like fresh cut flowers, a refreshing glass of sweet tea, and your glowing beachy tan from Strawberry Hibiscus Sweet Tea Dark Maximizer. A perfect blend of Hibiscus, Matcha & Strawberry extract help to hydrate and brighten skin tones, while powerful tan accelerators provide deliciously dark results. Summertime looks good on you!

  • ColorBurst Complex™ helps prepare your skin for deep, golden colour.
  • A Skin Firming blend of Caffeine and Sugar Cane Extracts help skin appear more toned and youthful looking.
  • Refreshing Hibiscus, Strawberry, and Matcha Extract rich with antioxidants and skin conditioners help renew skin for irresistibly soft and smooth skin.

Fragrance: Strawberry Hibiscus Sweet Tea with notes of Tiger Lily, Lime and Strawberry

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