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Synergy Tan

Synergy Tan Poison Apple

Synergy Tan Poison Apple

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Extreme Tingle – No Bronzers

Maximum Intensity Extreme Thermal Fueled Silicone Accelerator. Feeling a little poisonous? This Professional Grade Thermal Fueled Silicone Accelerator feeds that fiery mood! Poison Apple™ is Maximum Performance by Design and the results are extreme. Bite me!

  • Thermal Blushers increase microcirculation and bring oxygen to the skin surface for extreme Hot Action. Not for the faint of heart.
  • Tanositol® increases tanning performance up to 28%, synergistically maximise collagen production, accelerates the natural tanning process and extends the life of bronzing and sunless results.
  • Luxurious Silicones increase nutrient absorption and melt into skin for younger and healthier looking skin.
  • Slimbuster L® uses Brazilian Coffee Oil to decrease Lipogenesis, stimulate collagen and improve elasticity.

Fragrance: Sensuous and mouthwatering Tropical Fruits and Sun Drenched Floras

Experienced tanners only. This product causes high heat, reddening and a tingling sensation.

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