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Synergy Tan

Synergy Tan Top Secret

Synergy Tan Top Secret

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20XX Fast Action Ultimate Silicone Dark Tanning Lotion

If you’re a serious tanner (you love super-rich, exceptionally dark colour), this 20XX Fast Action Ultimate Silicone Dark Tanning Lotion is for you. Intensive Moisturisers deliver superior hydration, while high levels of ultra efficient Silicones deliver Advanced Accelerators faster than ever before. If your tan is maxed out and you need to go darker, you have just been classified to use this highly potent dark tanning lotion.

  • A proprietary blend of Tanning Accelerators deliver faster, long lasting and fabulously dark colour
  • Luxurious Silicones increase nutrient absorption and saturate skin for sublime results
  • Copper peptides replenish lost nutrients necessary for a deep, dark tan
  • Aloe Vera deeply heals, soothes, repairs and moisturises skin

Fragrance: Vanilla Sweet Almond

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