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Tan Junkie

Tan Junkie Xtreme Melano Rapid Bronzer

Tan Junkie Xtreme Melano Rapid Bronzer

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Discover the luxurious world of indoor tanning with Tan Junkie’s Xtreme Melano Rapid Bronzer Accelerator, a sunbed cream accelerator designed to give you a smooth, natural-looking tan. This premium sunbed tanning accelerator is a must-have for all skin types, providing a streak-free bronzing solution that enriches your tan with nourishing ingredients. It’s not just a tanning cream for sunbeds, but a skin nourishment powerhouse infused with vitamins and natural extracts for soft, rejuvenated skin.

  • Effortless Streak-Free Bronze Glow: Enjoy an even, natural-looking tan without worrying about streaks or uneven spots. Our advanced formula guarantees a smooth, bronze glow, making it the perfect tanning cream for sunbeds.
  • Nourishment with Every Tan: Infused with nurturing ingredients, this sunbed tanning cream enhances your tan and rejuvenates your skin, leaving it soft and supple.
  • Hydro Balanced Technology: Experience optimal skin hydration. Our sunbed cream accelerator ensures your skin remains moisturised, enhancing the longevity and quality of your tan.
  • Rapid Tanning with Melanogenesis Complex: Accelerate your tanning process with our unique blend of natural elements. This sunbed lotion is crafted to quicken the development of a deep, enduring tan.
  • Natural Extracts for Enhanced Tanning:
    – Carrot Root Extract: Rich in beta-carotene and vitamins A and E, it adds a golden brown hue to your tan.
    – Kukui Oil: A treasure that penetrates deep into the skin, providing intense moisturisation.
    – Pineapple Extract: Loaded with vitamin C and hydrating properties, it ensures skin elasticity and hydration.
    – Guarana Extract: Known for its cellulite-reducing and skin-firming benefits, thanks to its high caffeine content.
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