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Tan Junkie

Tan Junkie Xtreme Melano Tingle

Tan Junkie Xtreme Melano Tingle

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Discover the thrill of tanning with Xtreme Melano Tingle Accelerator, specially crafted for sunbed enthusiasts and ideal for those new to tingle lotions. Experience a unique, deep golden tan with this innovative tingle lotion, designed to enhance your indoor tanning experience.

  • Spicy Tingle Sensation: Ideal for tingle newcomers, it offers a gentle, refreshing sensation, boosting the tanning process for a more intense and long-lasting tan. Perfect for users seeking a tanning accelerator cream for sunbeds with a twist.
  • Anti-Cellulite Slim Effect: Infused with a hydro balance formula, this sunbed cream accelerator not only tans but also tones your skin, reducing the appearance of cellulite and ensuring a smoother, firmer look.
  • Rapid Tan Development with Melanogenesis Complex: Dive into rapid tanning with our natural ingredient blend that significantly accelerates melanin production, ensuring a quick, deep tan.
  • Hot Pepper and Herbaceous Seepweed Extracts: These unique extracts boost microcirculation and offer slimming benefits, enhancing the tanning process and improving skin texture.
    Carrot Root Extract and Cocoa Butter: Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, they nourish your skin, impart a natural tan hue, and rejuvenate and hydrate for a youthful appearance.
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